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NYSCU Archives

The historical documents in this collection all have some relation to Universalism in NY State from the early 19th century up to around 1965.  They come from sources such as NYSCU’s small Lee Universalist Archive in Rochester, NY; county courthouses; historical societies; private church records; print media; public internet websites; and the personal holdings of the NYSCU archivist. 

The Annual Sessions folder contains a record of each of the NYSCU annual sessions dating from the organization’s founding in 1825 up to the year 1868.  They were printed and published in Universalist newspapers of their times and were transcribed from those papers. 

Transcriptions of Universalist church and society incorporation records from around NY State, as they could be located, are contained in the three Incorporation folders A-G, H-N and O-Z.  These records are listed alphabetically by town. 

The several Places folders contain documents about Universalist-related items of interest in various localities around NY State.  Recent pictures from certain sites can be found in the Former NY Universalist Churches folder. 

As its name indicates, the Universalism-Various folder contains documents covering a variety of topics such as people, events, stories and theology. 

The Universalist Clergy Obits cover individuals in the ministry who had some kind of connection to NY State.  The Universalist Memory Garden contains similar rememberances of Universalist laity.