Grant/Loan Policy

NB: The NYSCU Board is aware that aspects of this policy have grown out of date; updates are in the works.  Note in particular that (1) the old St. Lawrence and Metro New York Districts of the UUA have been folded into the Central East Region and (2) the annual deadline for applications has been moved from Jan. 1 to Jan. 31.

New York State Convention of Universalists

Policy on Grants and Loans

1. The New York State Convention of Universalists (NYSCU) shall, at the discretion of its Executive Board, provide grants and/or loans to Unitarian Universalist Societies and Districts, primarily in New York State, and organizations affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association for such projects as conform with the objectives of item (2) below.

2. The objectives of the NYSCU Grant and Loan program shall be to:

    a. Support the development of innovative programs which will enhance the effectiveness of local Societies within their congregation, their local community or their regional area, (programs in this category will include, but not be limited to, those associated with social concerns, growth of the local society or of Unitarian Universalism, or improved methods of operation within a society); support of organizations associated with Unitarian Universalism may be included under this clause;

    b. Support the operation of the St. Lawrence District and the Metropolitan New York District and select special programs funded by those districts.

    c. Support the documentation and dissemination of Universalist history and the on-going significance of Universalism within the Unitarian Universalist movement; and

    d. Support select capital projects.

3. All grants shall be funded from the predicted income of the General Fund in the year in which the Grant is made. Grants shall not be made which require assignment of income from future years.

4. The Board may invest a percentage of the principle of the General Fund in loans for projects of 2(d) above. The total amount of all loans approved and outstanding at any time shall not exceed ten (10) percent of the market value of the General Fund at the time a loan is approved. If the General Fund borrows monies from the NYSCU Service Gratuity Fund for the purpose of a loan under 2(d) above, that amount shall be included in the foregoing constraint on the amount allocable for purposes of loans.

The Board, at its discretion, may make loans funded from income of the General Fund subject to the constraint of item 4 above.

5. Grant funds shall be nominally allocated to the categories of paragraph 2 above by the following percentages:
         Category 2(a) – 50 percent
         Category 2(b) – 40 percent
         Category 2(c) – 10 percent

The Executive Board shall have discretion in the allocation of funds and may allocate a part of funds available for Grants to purposes under Category 2(d). The Board shall be the sole judge of the applicability and merit of proposed projects.

6. Recipients of Grants or Loans shall agree to provide a written annual report of project progress by 20 September and a project completion report to the NYSCU at the project’s completion. Funds not requested by 31 December of the granting year shall be forfeited.

7. Applications for support of projects shall be submitted to the Grants & Loans Chairperson no later than 1 January of the year in which the funds are required. At its discretion, the Board may accept emergency applications at other times.

19 April 2002


Unitarian Universalist Association

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