Grant/Loan Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are organizations outside of New York State eligible to be considered for grants and loans?

    Yes.  While we do not typically award grants or loans to congregations outside of New York State, we do sometimes support organizations that fulfill a wider mission. 

  • Can you clarify what “brick and mortar” projects are, and if they are ever eligible for grants?

    Any project that involves construction or the purchase of physical items (accessibility renovations, sound systems, building repairs, etc.) will be considered for loans only. 

  • Are congregations who are not members of NYSCU eligible for a grant or loan?


  • Can a congregation or organization submit multiple proposals for grants and loans in the same year?


  • Can you consider our request “out of phase”—after the January 31 deadline?

    As a general rule, no.  On very rare occasions we have responded to a mid-year emergency, but we generally commit our entire grant budget in response to requests received in January. 

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