2010 Annual Report


The New York State Convention of Universalists

2009–2010 Report to the
St. Lawrence and Metropolitan New York Unitarian Universalist Districts

The NYSCU is a long-established organization of historically Universalist churches—and more—supporting both their traditions and the growth of Unitarian Universalism through grants and loans to districts, congregations, UUA-related organizations, and creative individuals.  In 2010 the NYSCU has provided grants to seven organizations, for a total of $41,000, and a loan to one congregation, for $8,000:


St. Lawrence District, UUA (SLD) for operating budget $15,000
SLD Small Church Growth Project 2,000
SLD Women's Spirituality Conference for keynote speaker 500
Metro NY District, UUA for ongoing support 9,000
Metro NY District, UUA for Healthy Congregations program 4,000
Brockport UU Fellowship for start-up costs 4,000
Interfaith Impact of NY State for Democracy in Action Tier 1 E-Advocacy and supporter management 2,200
Murray Grove for John Murray Distinguished Lecture at UUA General Assembly 500
Universalist Heritage Foundation for DVD: conversation between Rev. Olympia Brown and Rev. Antoinette Brown Blackwell 1,300
UU Church of the Philippines for LIFTS program of lectures, RE materials, website enhancement, and research on Universalism 2,500


Unitarian Church of Barneveld, NY, for ADA ramp access project $8,000

At its 181st Annual Meeting, hosted by 1st Universalist, Rochester, the following officers were elected:

Joyce Gilbert (Rochester)
Vice President
Tim Hart (Central Square)
Fred Boreali (Scotia)
Julie Alexander (Southold), Aaron Broadwell (Saratoga Springs) and The Rev. John Rex (Buffalo)

Continuing board members are Alexa Carter (Fulton), Tom Hackett (Kingston), and Lauretta Young (Rochester).  Karen Dau (Rochester) is archivist.  Michael Scott (Rochester) is webmaster. 

More detailed information, including a fascinating collection of writings by distinguished Universalists past and present, is available at NYSCU.org

UUs living in New York are warmly invited to attend the 182nd Annual Meeting of the NYSCU on October 22 and 23, 2010, hosted by the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Syracuse.  Keynote speaker is Gini Courter, Moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Respectfully submitted,
Joyce T. Gilbert, NYSCU President

Unitarian Universalist Association

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