2006 Annual Report


The New York State Convention of Universalists

2005–2006 Report to the
St. Lawrence and Metropolitan New York Unitarian Universalist Districts

The New York State Convention of Universalists was organized in 1825.  Today the Convention administers two large endowments.  One provides “gifts” for retired New York State Universalist ministers and their spouses; the other is used to promote the growth of the UU movement and to uphold the Universalist heritage.  In addition, the Convention appoints the majority of the Board of the Saint Lawrence Foundation for Theological Education, which uses proceeds from a third endowment to support students studying for the UU ministry. 

The Convention is pleased to continue its direct support of district programs, providing block grants of $10,000 to Metro NY and $19,000 to St. Lawrence districts.  At the district level the Convention also provided $5,000 to the Iroquois Chapter of the UU Ministers’ Association for continued funding of their innovative ministerial internship program. 

This year NYSCU has made 2 loans totaling $30,000.  Unirondack was loaned $15,000 for a new and easier-to-use dock system.  The First Universalist Church of Central Square was loaned an equal amount for furnace/door replacements and window restoration. 

The Convention granted $48,000 for nine additional special projects this year:

The 2005 Annual Meeting was held October 21–22 at the UU Church of Buffalo.  Keynote speaker was the Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt, contributing editor of the UU World, a widely anthologized writer, and minister of the Fourth Universalist Society of New York City.  Opening Worship was led by the Rev. Joel Miller.  Workshops included: Speakers Round Table, UU Radio Hour, Interfaith Impact Reframes the Issues, Space Walks, Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network, and The Journals of John Mather Austin. 

The 2006 Annual Meeting will be held October 6–7 at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany.  This meting is to be jointly sponsored by NYSCU, Metro New York and St. Lawrence Districts and will focus on aspects of growth in our religious community.  Keynote speaker will be the Rev. Dr. Michael A. Schuler, Minister of the First Unitarian Society of Madison, Wisconsin.  The First Unitarian Society in Madison is currently the largest UU congregation in North America.  The Society has grown to over 1300 adult members during the Rev. Dr. Schuler’s 17-year tenure. 

We hope to see you in Albany. 

Fred Boreali, Secretary
March 2006


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