2005 Annual Report


The New York State Convention of Universalists

2004–2005 Report to the
St. Lawrence and Metropolitan New York Unitarian Universalist Districts

The Convention was pleased to continue its direct support of district programs this year, providing block grants of $10,000 to MNY and $17,000 to SLD.  At the district level the Convention also provided $5,000 to the Iroquois Chapter of the UU Ministers’ Association for continued funding of their ministerial intern program. 

With the continued repayment of a major loan for the building expansion project in Williamsville, the Convention was able to make new loans of $6,800 to the UU Church of Middletown and $30,000 to the UU Society of Oneonta.  The latter augments a loan of $40,000 in 2004, and will allow the congregation to complete major renovation projects much sooner and at lower cost than would otherwise have been possible.  An additional $24,500 in grants was awarded for special projects:

The 176th Annual Meeting of the Convention was held this past October at the First Unitarian Church of Ithaca.  In an historic first, the conference was jointly planned by the NYSCU, SLD, and MNY, around the topic of growth in religious community.  UUA President Bill Sinkford was the featured keynote speaker.  Pat Emery of Golden, CO, also spoke, on volunteer coordination and new member integration.  Workshops included programs on breaking the barriers to growth; founding new congregations; Small Group Ministry; and tying growth to vision, faith, and mission.  The Convention hopes this meeting can serve as a model for similar joint events in future years.  In another historic first, delegates to the NYSCU business meeting approved By-Law changes that permit congregations not currently on the roll to petition for formal membership. 

The 2005 Annual Meeting will be held October 21–22 at the UU Church of Buffalo.  Keynote speaker will be the Rev. Rosemary Bray NcNatt, contributing editor of the UU World, widely anthologized writer, and minister of the Fourth Universalist Society of New York City.  ALL UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS ARE WARMLY INVITED TO ATTEND, for a day and a half of workshops, worship, and fellowship. 

For further information about the Convention, the grant/loan program, or the Annual Meeting, visit www.nyscu.org, or write to the NYSCU c/o First Universalist Church of Rochester, 150 Clinton Ave. South, Rochester, NY 14604. 

Michael L. Scott, President
9 March 2005

The New York State Convention of Universalists was organized in 1825, and was the principal denominational body for Universalist congregations in New York State prior to UU merger in 1961.  Today the Convention administers two endowments.  One provides pensions* for retired NYS Universalist ministers and their families; the other is used to promote the growth of the UU movement and to uphold the Universalist heritage.  In addition, the Convention appoints the majority of the Board of the St. Lawrence Foundation for Theological Education, which uses proceeds from a third endowment to support students studying for the UU ministry. 

On a personal note, I have been writing these reports, on and off, since 1991, first as Secretary, then as President.  I will be stepping down this fall.  It has been a privilege and a pleasure working will all the dedicated members of the NYSCU Board and the wider Convention constituency. 


* Legally, the NYSCU “pension” program is a noncontributory service gratuity.
   In recent documents the Convention prefers to use this more accurate term. 

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