2016 President’s Report


190th Meeting of the New York State Convention of Universalists (NYSCU)

Utica/Barneveld, New York
President’s Report 10/21/2016

Organized in 1825, the New York State Convention of Universalists continues to:

  • support Universalist history and values,
  • provide financial support to the St. Lawrence and Metropolitan New York districts of the Unitarian Universalist Association,
  • administer grant and loan programs which have benefited both congregations and individuals within New York and beyond. Since 2004, the NYSCU has made grants of more than $500,000 and no-interest loans (to congregations) totaling more than $400,000. During this time, all loans have been repaid on schedule.
  • offer retirement assistance to ministers (and surviving spouses) who served in New York State Universalist churches for a specified period of time prior to 1961. Reports from board members who have the portfolios for these responsibilities are included in this year’s delegate packet. Please join me in thanking these good people for their dedicated work.
  • A less known activity of the NYSCU is ownership and maintenance of an archive of historical documents related to Universalism in the State of New York.

At its winter meeting, the NYSCU Board of Trustees voted to award grants to 13 organizations and two loans to UU congregations, primarily connected to the St. Lawrence and Metro New York districts of the UUA but also to other UUA-related groups. A total of $42,750 in grants and $128,750 in loans were awarded. Details of these grants & loans are listed on the NYSCU website. We also focused on planning for NYSCU’s 190th Annual Meeting, hosted by the UU Churches of Utica & Barneveld, NY. Our board of trustees chose Philip P. Arnold, an Associate Professor of Religion and Native American Studies at Syracuse University, as our keynote speaker, and his topic is: “The Doctrine of Discovery: The Real Story”. Thanks to local planners.

Many thanks also to our board members that are a privilege to serve with: Judi Adel (VP), Tom Hackett (secretary), Margaret Maguire (treasurer), trustees: Julie Alexander, Mark-Richard Butt, Ruth Stewart, Mark Bunce, Eve Stevens, and Ronald Clupper . Thanks also to archivist Karen Dau and our webmaster Michael Scott. We invite people in all congregations to give serious thought to how they can participate in NYSCU programs. Share ideas. Volunteer your interest and expertise, and make a difference in the service of a loving and uplifting organization.

Tim Hart, Board President of NYSCU

Unitarian Universalist Association

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