SLFTE Leadership

Board of Trustees
St. Lawrence Foundation for Theological Education

The Rev. Carol Huston
(2nd term ends 5/20, represents NYSCU)

Vice President and CPE Stipend Administrator:
The Rev. James Galasinski
(1st term ends 5/21, represents NYSCU)

Donna Newsome
(2nd term ends 5/22; represents NYSCU)

Ally Freyre
(1st term ends 5/19, SLFTE appointee)


The Rev. Michelle George Yates
(1st term ends 5/20, represents NYSCU)

The Rev. Keith Kron
(1st term ends 5/20, represents UUA)

The Rev. Walter LaFlore
(1st term ends 5/21, SLFTE appointee)

Unitarian Universalist Association

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