Remote Participation Guide, NYSCU 2021 Annual Meeting

Please refer to the separate flyer/program for schedule information and workshop descriptions.

In an effort to at least reduce the chance of “Zoom bombing” (pranksters taking over the meeting), key information on this page is being provided in the form of images rather than text.  You’ll need to retype the meeting IDs and passcodes into your Zoom app or browser window.  Sorry! 

Main Zoom ID

The meeting ID and passcode for the bulk of Saturday’s program (opening worship, keynote, keynote dialogue, business meeting, ethical investing workshop, closing worship) are as follows:

You can type these into the Zoom app on your laptop, tablet, or phone. If you don’t have the app, you can direct your browser to and enter the meeting ID there. 

Oneonta & Liberal Religion: Looking Back

The Oneonta religious history workshop (in the first workshop session, at 12:45 pm) will use a separate Zoom ID, so it can be held concurrently with the continuing discussion of the keynote.  To attend this workshop, please use the following Zoom link.  Note that you will need to leave the main meeting first, and return after the workshop is over:

Introduction to the Restorative Process

The restorative practice workshop (in the second workshop session, at 2 pm) is being separately hosted by experts from the Central East Region of the UUA.  They have provided a separate meeting ID, which you can use the same way as the link above.  Again, you’ll need to leave the main meeting first, and return after the workshop is over:

Note that capitalization is different in the two passcodes.